Why learn from this course?
That is a great question! This is not just any online training resource. When it comes to training on technologies and web applications, new learners are coming from a huge variety of backgrounds. Most people are not technical gurus and cannot simply "figure it out" by clicking around and reading the development (programmers) documentation. Programmers love to code... I love to teach and make the process of building out your website a simple one. It is true that the developer community around Drupal is friendly and helpful, yet it is not always true that the best entry-level learning material comes from developers of any software product. It can be tough to break down complex technical concepts and explain them in plain English in a way that everyone can understand.
Is this course newbie-friendly?
Drupal is Hard. Making it Easy is Not Easy. It takes a lot of work to deconstruct Drupal and construct a high quality training course based on what people need to know. While the Drupal documentation and many books cover just about every topic covered, they do not always teach it using a clear training methodology. The goal in designing this course has always been to construct it around exactly how people like you actually learn... In Clear, Plain English, with a Solution-Oriented Approach (Not just learning concepts, but learning how you can understand and apply them easily) It is understandable that not everyone that needs to learn Drupal has a deep technical vocabulary or even speaks English as their first language. While learning the vocabulary of the software is important (and it is covered in great detail!), there's no need to make it more complex than it needs to be. It is broken down in topics clearly, so that you can spend more time focused on learning and less time looking things up. Included is a PDF guides and cheatsheets that you can refer to or even print out and hang up next to your computer.
Do I need to have programming skills as a pre-requisite?
Any technical skills are helpful. However, these videos are geared towards those people that want to build their website without coding.